A Little About Me

Monica Lyles has always loved art and enjoyed creating. Monica’s art medium of choice are acrylic paint, acrylic inks, and collage. As a fan of vibrant colors, Monica aims to bring dynamic combinations to each piece. In crafting artwork, Monica enjoys creating a sense of joy and desires to share God’s gift of art creation. 

From an early age, the North Carolina native loved art. One of her fondest memories was taking a weeklong summer immersion experience in learning different art styles. Monica graduated from Hampton University with a Business of Science degree and relocated to Maryland.

While Monica retained her interest in art, it wasn’t until the pandemic that she began pursuing it by participating in an online adult collage class at a local community art center in May 2020.

Deciding to pursue her passion further, Monica conceived a business to share her art work — “Monica Creates Daily” — and continues to explore new avenues to further develop her talents.