Artwork Arranged by Month 2022

January 2022

“Internal Optimism”
“Just Flowing By”
“Great is Thy Faithfulness”
“Don’t Be Vein”
“Practice with Nature Patterns”
“Praise Through The Storm”
“Resting Meadows”
“Look On The Bright Side”
“Positive Thoughts”
“Deep In Thought”
“Just My Imagination”
“No Ordinary Love”
“Ray of Light”
“Color Trial”
“Keep On Moving”
“Flexible Pathways”
“Northern Lights”
“Like The Last Time”
“Post Game”
“Deep Dive”
“Neon Rainfall”
“New Day”
“Flowing Truth”
“Opposites Attract”

February 2022

“Bursting Forward”
“In My Feelings”
“Got A Thing For You”
“Light Shine Bright”
“Coming From A Different Angle”
“Contained Chaos”
“I Know The Truth”
“I Keep Running Back To You”
“Divided Attention”
“New Growth”
“Nothing Even Matters”
“Seeing The Bright Side“
“Coloring Outside The Lines“
“Daily Rainbows”
“I Will Always Remember”

March 2022

“Trial and Error”
“Growing Grateful”
“Tissue Paper Collage”
“Underneath It All”
“Mixed Feelings”
“Under The Bridge”
“Don’t Say That”
“Another Thought”
“First Impression”
“Fluid Art Fun”
“Sunset View”
“Keep Holding On”
“Raining Colors”
Love Triangles”
“Vivid Memories”
“Soaring Free”
“Crashing Through”
“Good Times”
“Fluid Imagination”
“Let’s Escape”
“Around Midnight”
“You Bring Me Joy”
“A Pathway Through”
“Peaceful Meadows”
“Don’t Hold Back”
“Undefeated Color”
“Moody Monday”
“Good Vibrations”
“Take Me Away“
“Every Detail”
“Sky’s The Limit”
“More Silver Linings”

April 2022

“The Next Frontier”
“Quiet Before the Storm”
“When The Time Comes”
“True Colors”
“Just Below the Surface”
“Looking Forward”
“Don’t Rush”
“Pop of Color”
“In Bloom”
“Another Ripple Effect”
“Say Less”
“Inner Thoughts”
“Spin Cycle”
“In My Personal Space”
“Down Memory Lane”
“Just Between Us”
“Changing My Perspective”
“At The Carwash”
“A Good Plan”
“River Walk”
“Half Full”
“Always a Plan B”
“Love Came Crashing In”
“Never Give Up”
“A Few Broken Pieces”

May 2022

“Time Will Tell”
“Color Unfolded”
“I’m Always With You”
“Color Outburst”
“Joy Unending”
“Trying to Remember”
“My First Impression”
“Rising Up”
“Before I Spoke A Word”
“At The End of the Day”
“Fluid Flowers”
“Just My Imagination”
“Comfort Zone
“Miniature Golf Day“
“Inner Thoughts”

June 2022

“Quit Your Worrying”
“Deep End”
“Color Pulse”
“On Repeat”
“Let Praises Rise”
“Colors are Essential”
“Reflection Cycle”
“In the Clouds”
“Lost in Thought
“Fluid Motion”
“At the End of the Day”
“A Vivid Memory”
“Easygoing Flow”
“Just Winging It”

July 2022

“Floral Journey”
“Don’t Crowd Me”
“Don’t Try To Be Someone Else”
“Always On The Go”
“Even If”
“Keep Moving”
“When The Storms Roll In”
“Experimenting Day”

August 2022

“A Different Path”
“A Change in Plans”
“Take A Step Back”
“An Encouraging Word”
“Another Time”

September 2022

“Stay Focused”
“Dancing in the Rain”
“Spin Wheel”
“Never Too Much”
“Sunday Stroll”
“Just a Thought”
“Above the Noise”
“Soaring Free”
“But First”
“Soothing Shift”
“Close Encounter”

October 2022

“Not Just Another Day”
“A Brighter Day”
“A Change of Heart”
“Underneath the Surface”
“Go with the Flow”
“Purple Bloom”
“Natural Flow of Things”
“Growing in Time”